Please refer to Race Info and Terms and Conditions for general Race information and eligibility requirements.


Registration Information

1. What is the maximum number of team members?
  All participating teams must have four members.
2. Can I form a team with CCT tenants from other buildings or participate with my family members and/or friends?
  Yes. Each team must have at least two members working at a CCT property.
3. My child is 8 years old this year. Can he participate in the Race?
  No. All Fun Run participants must be at least 9 years old in 2017 (born in year 2008). The minimum age for Competitive category is 18 years old (in 2017).
4. How do I register for the Race?
  Team Leader must register first. Please ensure you have your team members’ email addresses and your credit card details ready for the payment of the $40 registration fee to complete the registration process. A separate email with your Team ID will be sent to your team members, with a registration link to register themselves. All participants will receive an email confirmation upon successful registration.
5. How can I change my team’s details?
  No changes can be made once registration and payment of registration fee are completed.
6. How can I change my T-shirt size?
  Please note that sizes are subject to availability. Please email
7. How do I get a refund if I choose to withdraw after signing up?
  Registration fees are non-refundable.
8. How do I know if my entry has been accepted?
  You will receive a confirmation email upon successful registration and payment.
9. I am unable to form a team of four, can I get help?
  Please email us at if you need help to form a team of four.


Race Information

10. When will the Race flag off and what time will the event end?
  Registration starts from 8.00am. Flag-off is estimated at 9.00am. The event is targeted to end by 1.15pm.
11. What is the Race route?
  The Race will flag off and finish at the Urban Plaza at Capital Tower, taking participants to various checkpoints within the CBD.
12. Do all four members assemble at the same location?
  All four members in each team must assemble at the flag off.
13. How is the Race run?
  At flag off, all teams will receive a Race information pack which contains all Race-related information. Participants must proceed to all Race checkpoints, to complete the challenge there before proceeding to the next checkpoint/finish line.
  Teams are to complete all the challenges in the shortest time possible. Points are also given to the teams upon completion of the challenges. The team with the most number of points wins.
14. What are the arrangements for wet weather or hazy conditions?
  The Race will continue with light rain. In the event of a thunderstorm or lightning alert (issued by NEA), participants are encouraged to seek shelter immediately and wait for updates from Race marshals. If NEA’s 24-hr PSI reaches levels unsuitable for prolonged outdoor activities, we will inform participants of the cancellation of the Race ahead.
15. Can we replace a team member if he/she is not able to make it on Race day?
  Please email us at if you wish to change a team member.
  In the interest of the participants’ safety, the Organiser strictly prohibits the sale, exchange, and/or transfer of Race entries, since each Race bib contains the registered participant’s emergency contacts, which is important for medical teams to provide immediate medical assistance if required.
  Any violation of the abovementioned restrictions by any teams will result in an immediate disqualification.


Other Information

16. Is there complimentary parking at Capital Tower?
  In line with our aim to promote environmentally-friendly practices, we encourage all participants to take available public transport to and from the venue.
17. Where can I deposit my belongings before the Race?
  We recommend all participants to pack light, as there are no bag deposit arrangements on site.
18. Will there be water points provided during the event?
  There will be designated water points for re-filling along the Race route.
19. Where are the first aid stations?
  Refer to our Race route within the Race information pack for first aid stations.
20. What if I have further questions?
  Please email us at or contact us at 6248 5777 from Monday to Friday (11am to 6pm).